Welcome to my blog Zoelicious-insider. This is the very first post on my blog and I’ve never done this before but here goes something.

The question everyone always asks, why start a blog?

“In the end we only regret the chances we don’t take.” -Anonymous

Starting a blog is the hardest thing to do and writing this was in no way easy. Life is about taking chances and learning from your mistakes and this was the perfect opportunity. Someone once said it only takes ten seconds of insane courage to do something amazing and this is the result of my ten insane seconds of courage.

All it takes is a spark of inspiration.

My Inspiration

I’m a YouTube addict and there are so many amazing DIY and beauty youtubers who inspired me with all their room décor, fitness journals, hauls and beauty series to start this blog. From the beginning I had a clear outline of what I wanted to do. This blog had to have something about DIY, fashion and everything about life.

All It takes is a spark

All it takes is a spark of inspiration to have an amazing outcome. I had to take it step by step. Starting with the spark of the idea of a blog, choosing the best blog hosting site for me and what the blog is going to be about. The idea behind the blog is to give people easy DIY instructions, life hacks and random tips and tricks.

So what now…

This is the start of a very long journey, one filled with many ups and downs but hopefully one that we will remember for life. This blog is something I started for fun and enjoyment I want it to be something that isn’t stressful or something that I don’t want.




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