Hi there!  I’m a good friend of Zoë and she let me do a guest post.  Fans of Zoë, I have never done a blog post before, let alone a guest post, so I apologise in advance for my lack of “je ne sais quoi.” (I don’t know what) Initially, I wanted to write about the different types of art and the variety of methods there are.  However, as I was researching, I realized that there was way too much to cram about into one blog only.  So, look out for my next bestseller! I am not pretending to be a great art expert.  In fact, I am not that amazing an artist either.  I’m not the next Van Gogh or Picasso.  But I am the next me. And that’s all that art really is about, right? Expressing yourself. I take Art at school and Iart-therapy-career2 really enjoy it.  I think that it’s great that you can develop your skills and learn new techniques.  The only problem is, if your teacher doesn’t like it, you get poor marks.  You can also do really well in Art… if you take your teacher’s advice that you don’t really want to take.  A few suggestions here and there are wonderful, but sometimes no one understands that there’s a reason for every single minute detail in your masterpiece.  That’s why all great artists were “misunderstood”. Art is about expressing your thoughts and feelings – nobody else’s.  You’re not the next Michelangelo: you are the next you. So, what are you waiting for? Go make art! Create a masterpiece, not only for you, but for the world.

The Earth without Art is just Eh.”-Unknown


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