Even though there’s seven days till Christmas and fourteen days till the new year. There’s still time to go out and about. So here’s a list of places you can see and things you can do in Jo’burg. Not only are they really fun but they’re all under R200.

Gold Reef City



Cost: R180 per person |R130 for people under 1.3m |R120 for pensioners(above 60) |R140 for students( need to have your student card)

This is probably one of the most popular places to visit in Jo’burg, no matter how many times you go there it never gets old.



Cost: Range from R100 –R250

This is for anyone who is feeling adventurous, it’s basically an outdoor obstacle and zipline course. I once went there for a friend’s party and I absolutely enjoyed it. You’re never too young or too old to go to acrobranch.

Orlando Towers


 Cost: R50 for a 25m climbing wall |R170 for paintballing

For another thrilling adventure you could go to Orlando Towers. Whether you prefer paintballing, bungee jumping (R550) or even a swing between the two towers (R450).

Lion Park


Cost: Prices range but a Self drive including lion cub interaction is R200 per adult.

This is your opportunity to get up close with the kings of the jungle, although this is a bit more pricey it’s definitely worthwhile. If you come at the right time you could walk with the lions (R600) and maybe even feed the cubs, giraffes or ostriches (R30 per bag).

Croc City Crocodile& Reptile Farm



Cost: R70 per adult| R60 for pensioners| R50 for kids (under the age of 12)

At Croc city you get to see a whole bunch of crocodile and reptiles, even black mambas. You also get the opportunity to hold a baby crocodile which I think is pretty exciting. They also recently opened a new zip line, where you can zip line over the crocodiles. I don’t really like reptiles that much, especially snakes but Croc city is pretty cool.

Honeydew Mazes


Cost: R120 per adult| R80 per kid

For a simple, relaxed day honeydew maze is the place to go. It’s actually super kid friendly so they’re lots of activities to keep the keep busy.

Cradle of Humankind


 Cost:Adults R165| Children (R4-14) R97| Children (under 4) free| Pensioners R85| Students R100

This is a world heritage site and a very beautiful place to go. Jam packed with tons of artifacts and really cool history it’s a place for the whole family to go.

SAB World of Beer



 Cost: R65 per adult| R55 for pensioners and students| R15 for kids (up to 17)

The World of Beer is really fascinating. It takes you through the process of beer making, it’s history and there’s free beer. At the end of the tour there’ s also a tap room with complimentary beer.

The Big Red Bus


 Cost: R80 for kids (5-15)| R150 per adult| Children under five go for free

I always see this tour bus, it’s a bright red double decker bus that takes you on a tour of Jo’burg. I honestly don’t know the name for it but I just call it the big red bus. It’s on a hop-on op-off basis so that does give you a bit of freedom.

Sci-Bono Discovery Center


Cost: Adults (16+) R40| Pensioners and Students R25| Children (3-16) R25| Children (less than 3) free

This is a more educational trip but it’s very fascinating. Sci bono is opposite the world of beer.

7 days till Christmas!!








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