So at my school I’m part of a Christian club called Rise Up, one of my friends talked about something and thought that God really worked through her so I wanted to share it with you guys as well. It’s part of a series on object lessons and she talked about three objects: a chain, a pillar and a bar of soap.

The ChainBroad_chain_closeup

There are certain things in our life that chain us to the devil. Things like unforgiveness, bitterness. We need to break these chains linking us to the devil because as long as these chains are intact these things will continue being in our life


The Pillar


God is our pillar, He’s the centre of our lives and He’s there to support us, just like a pillar supports a building and keeps it standing.

The Bar of Soap


Jesus died on the cross for you and because He died on the cross all our sins have been washed away. The bar of soap represents exactly that, the fact that all your sins have been washed away. When you sin you have to remember that God forgives, because Jesus came and died on the cross you are forgiven. All the guilt is not from God.  After asking for forgiveness from God It’s about learning to forgive yourself because God has forgiven you and you are now clean, all your sins have been washed away.

I hoped you guys enjoyed that, I’m super excited, easter is coming up!




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