My Journal is the place where I write down nearly everything. It’s the place where I’m gut level honest, where I’m my most real and vulnerable. This is a poem I wrote in November of last year and I would love to share with you guys. So here’s a poem from my journal:

My life feels like a mess,

Ripping apart at the seams.

I’ve lost control and that scares me

But what if it was always meant to be like this.

What if life is meant to be a beautiful mess

So that God can help me clean it

In due time


Messes can be beautiful.

They’re part of the process,

The process of becoming beautiful.

I want to fix the mess so badly

But by doing that will I not ruin the beauty

That comes as a result of the mess?


This is a new season,

The hardest I’ve ever faced.

How am I supposed to trust when I can’t see or feel.

But is that not what faith is?


I know He exists but I want more. 

I want to fully experience Him for myself.

I want to feel His love, to feel His presence

I cannot be content with where I am.

I need more, I want more of Him!


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