January has completely flown by, It feels like just yesterday it was New Year’s. Unfortunately when I look at the goals I have set for this year I really didn’t achieve much in January. This month I’ve decided to take things slower but be more productive. So here are my goals for February:

Spend more time with God

I’m focusing on spending more time with God not just through my devotion but throughout my day, in everything I do. I’m learning to just soak up God’s presence and just be with Him, not focusing on others (not that this is not important) but just building on my relationship with Him.

Have a Sabbath once a week

A Sabbath is a day of rest. Unfortunately I can’t have an entire day of rest but I’ve decided to dedicate my Saturday evenings to spending some quality time with myself and doing things that I genuinely enjoy. This is a great way to recuperate, recharge and prepare yourself for the week ahead.

Slow down

I am someone who likes to keep busy but this has its advantages and disadvantages. This month I want to rest when need be, give myself grace and listen to my body.

Have a 10 minute workout every morning

Instead of doing a 1 hour workout at the end of the week, I’ve started having a 10 minute workout every morning. Even with one rest day at the end of the week you’ve completed your hour’s worth of exercise and it definitely is less strenuous.

Cut down on the things I’m doing

This ties in with the slowing down. I find I’m just so busy and to be honest with the amount of stuff I’m doing I’m on my way to burning out, which is something I definitely don’t want to happen.

Go out with my friends

Go on a hike

Do the #FebruaryFive challenge

This is a challenge by Cambria Joy and for the month of February you should:

  1. Only drink water, tea and coffee (since there are many hidden sugars in drinks that we are so used to)
  2. Nourish yourself
  3. Love yourself
  4. Stop restricting
  5. Improve meal prep

Do my A.P. math homework every week

Being real A.P. maths is an extra subject and it is so easy to not do my homework and not put in as much effort as I do with my other subjects. This is something I’m not super proud of but am working on.

What are your goals for February?




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