February has been such a busy month for me and it’s crazy to think about where the time has gone.

To be real I feel like I set so many goals for myself but I didn’t really achieve any of them properly, I was more focused on just getting through every day rather than doing things well. My main goal this month is to rest when need be but equally give 100% to everything I do, to truly live and not just get by.

So here are my March goals:

  • Fully rely on God’s strength and sustenance
  • Give my 100% in everything I do
  • Take a social media fast for the whole month (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest)
  • Go to the movies with my friend Amber
  • Have coffee with my other friend Micaela
  • Post every week on the blog
  • Start my 10 minute morning workouts again
  • Finalise my goals and words of the year

What are your March goals?


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