Lately God has been teaching me about grace. Grace is such a crazy and beautiful concept because it is God’s love and mercy for us not because we deserve it but because He wants to give it to us and there is absolutely nothing that we could do to make God love us any less or make Him not want to give us grace. It’s His free and unmerited favour.

“Ever since the fall it’s been human nature to sin. And no matter how hard I try, without God’s help I am inevitably going to sin and screw up. You see you cannot have grace without dirt because they’d be no need for grace. And I’ve been realizing that I have a whole ton of dirt. Lately I haven’t been spending enough time with God, using the wrong language, seeing people in an impure way and the result is I’m feeling overwhelmed and unworthy. I mean why would God love me, someone who screws up so often. The thing is God’s love for me is not changed by my actions.” -An excerpt from my journal.

The biggest reason I struggle with accepting grace, and I think a lot of people do is the belief that what I do will change how much God loves me and how much grace He gives me. But God’s love and grace are not dependant on my actions and there’s something beautiful about that. The fact that God still wants me, no matter how muchĀ I messĀ up He still wants to giveĀ me His love and grace.

You see without dirt you cannot have grace. GraceĀ helps you realise your dirt but it also washes it all away. If I was perfect there would be no need for grace and we would not experience the beauty that comes with it.Here is a quote that summarises this perfectly:

“Grace is a love that has nothing to do with us but everything to do with the one whom it derived: God. It is a powerful, divine, and vital piece of our existence, and it is the only reason we are able to open our eyes each morning. God’s grace is more than a second chance; it’s a third, fourth and fifth. It’s a love that keeps on giving regardless of our past.”

Are you accepting the grace given as a result of the dirt?






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