This year one of my goals is to be more authentic and real. I think for a long time this blog hasn’t been as authentic as it should be and I know that I haven’t been putting as much effort into this blog as I should be. I’ve been trying to blog about what I’m not passionate about.

I believe when something becomes a chore, something to just tick of your to do list it’s not worth doing and that what blogging has become. You should do things with passion or not at all. I remember when I first started blogging how excited I was to blog and that’s what I want to go back to.

So this blog is going to head in a slightly different direction and I’m pretty excited. I want this blog to be more about Christ and my journey with Him, more encouraging and relatable. I want to feature more of people’s stories but above all I want to blog with honesty and kindness, straight from my heart.




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