Even though we’re almost halfway through April I thought I’d still put up my April goals. Lately I’ve been noticing that my monthly goals are more wishes than actual goals. It’s become a habit ans I’m not putting in enough effort to achieve them. So this month there’s a smaller list of goals but ones I intend on achieving.

Spend more time with God

Getting closer to God is always on the top of my goal list and there’s always more of God to explore. But having the goal “Get closer to God” is kind of vague. So this month my goal is to just spend more time with God whether that be praying, worshipping, exploring or studying the Bible. I believe that the more time spent with God, or anything for that matter, the more you begin to reflect it and I want to reflect more of God.


It’s so easy to compare your ‘behind the scenes’ life with everyone else’s lives that are portrayed on social media and I know I’m falling into this trap a lot more. I want to spend less time on social media and more time reading, being present and enjoying my life.

Work hard

To be honest I haven’t been giving my all in my school work and just life in general. I’ve kind of been lazing around. Even though I’m only at school for seven days this month I want to give it my all. Just everything I do I want to give my best in it.

Explore more

I know that I won’t be traveling to any other countries but I want to start doing a little more exploring in Johannesburg, where I live now. Finding new places to explore and new people to interact with and capturing all this on camera and sharing it with you guys.

Connect with other bloggers and blog readers

I love learning about other people and their stories because everyone has a  story to tell. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately but I want to start. I want to start connecting with other bloggers and actually setting aside time for this. I’d also like to connect more with the people who read this blog.

So if you would like connect with me, share your story or even something amazing that happened today you can do that here. I really would love to connect with you!

What are your April goals?



2 Replies to “APRIL GOALS”

  1. Zoe, we have the same goals! I recently started getting more serious about having a consistent time with God, and I have already seen SO MUCH of a difference in my life. Building habits takes time, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come naturally right away! It’ll be worth it. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your goals, too!


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    1. Jenna, that’s exciting. Thank you so much for the encouragement, I think it’s so easy for me especially to get a little discouraged when things don’t come naturally right away. Good luck with your goals too!


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