may goals

April was a really chilled month for me, majority of it was spent on holiday. Now I’m fully rested and ready to give May my all. I tend to set a lot of goals and then at the end of the month I haven’t really achieved anything. My goals for May are pretty simple and I only have 6, so here they are:

Continue spending more time with God

I started intentionally spending more time with God last month and I’ve started to see a slight difference in my days. This is especially evident when I don’t spend time with Him and my days turn out not too great. Another way I want to spend more time with God is to include Him throughout my day and to start a gratitude journal, thanking Him for all He’s doing in my life.

Be a friend

I started reading Jesus Is ______ by Judah Smith and the first chapter was about how Jesus is your friend but also how we should be a friend to others. This month I really want to invest in my current friends but also be a friend to the friendless. To listen more than I judge and love more than ever.

Stay on top of my work

My exams are coming up in six weeks and this term I really need to stay on top of my work otherwise I’ll fall behind. So my aim is to study hard and stay organized, but also rest when need be. Thus staying on top of my work.

Eat healthy

I noticed that there a couple foods that don’t make me feel too great after eating them and I really want to fix this. So I want to start eat healthier food and food that makes me ‘feel good’ and gives me long lasting energy.

Work hard

I want to work hard in everything I do. To give my absolute 120% and nothing less.

Connect with at least one blogger and one reader

If you would like to collab with me or even just share something great that happened today with me you are always welcome. You can contact me here or on any of my social media. I would love to get to know you!

What are your goals for May?



9 Replies to “MAY GOALS”

  1. Great goals! I myself think that the May goals I have are:
    1. Spend more time in prayer/seeking God
    2. Eat healthy and be more active
    3. Save money
    4. Be more intentional in witnessing to the unbelievers around me.

    God is definitely good and thankful to know that he doesn’t leave us where we started! 😀

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      1. I really feel like this month God is challenging me to be a friend. To be a better friend to my friends but to also be a friend to the lonely and friendless. To love those I see as unloveable and talk to people and not judge them! How do you think God will be challenging you this month?

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      2. That’s really good to identify! Being intentional with others is super important because that’s part of our witness/ministry. I think God will be challenging me this month by being able to focus on and rely on Him. And to not let distractions seep it’s way through. Being intentional with others will definitely be the same thing for me since I have a tendency to want to stay in my room all day and not meet people. Do you struggle with the same thing?

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