Before we get into this, I did a corresponding Youtube video to this blog post on my channel so you should check that out!

Dear girl who’s still single…I know your pain, I’m right there with you. I know how it feels like to watch all your friends be in relationships and still be single. To be the one with no one or nothing to talk about in certain conversations. But keep on going.

This sounds really cliche but the right guy is out there. It’s not worth it just giving your heart out for the sake of being in a relationship. Just be patient. It’s already hard and it won’t get hectically easier but keep at it.

Trust the God who made the universe, who holds the stars in His hands with your heart. Jesus sees your heart and He sees your desires. All He asks is for you to take them to Him, to trust Him because He is absolutely in love with you and only wants the best for you.

As much as this is an open letter to every girl who’s still single, it is also a reminder to myself because I’m also still single. A reminder to trust Jesus and embrace the single season that I am in right now. A reminder to trust that He has my best interests at heart and to give Him my heart.

One last thing be present. Embrace every moment that comes and enjoy this single season. Do things that are out of your comfort zone, spend more time with Jesus, family and friends. Live your life girl! Don’t wait for your prince charming when the King of the universe is calling your name!




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