Hey friend,

So it has been a very long time no talk. The last time I posted a blog post was in August, which was four months ago…which is insane. It has been on my heart lately to post a blog post and I wasn’t entirely sure about what to post but then I had one of those revelation, eureka, kind of life changing moments this morning and I just had to share it with you.

so at 3:30 am ish this morning I woke up and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went onto Instagram. I had posted two photos recently and I was just putting some hashtags into the comments of one of the photos and then the #lensthroughmylife came to me. It’s kind of a metaphor/ symbolism so let me explain.

The importance of a camera is not the device itself, but in what it produces. The camera represents me, Zoe.

The lens of a camera is the most important part of the camera, it determines the quality of the image that the camera produces. A lens gathers and focuses light. A different lens with a different focus gives a different view.

The lens in our eye’s function is to change the focal distance of the eye by changing shape so that it can focus on objects at various distances, thus allowing an image to be formed.

So my life is a picture through which God’s lens is to be shown. My life is to reflect the Lord because He is the lens, I am the camera and my life, the fruit I bear, is the image produced. The lens is the most important part of the camera, just as God should be the most important part of my life. The lens determines the quality of the image, just as the Lord determines the quality of the fruit that I, the metaphorical camera, bears. And just as the importance of the camera is not in the device itself but in the image it produces. The importance of my life is in the fruit that I bear, as a result of the Lord.

The amazing part about all this is the hashtag came to me first and only then did I start researching about the lens and its function, only then did the connections start to make sense. The other ironic thing is that lately I’ve really been into photography and just taking photos. I know that this simple hashtag and the meaning behind it is from the Lord, without a doubt.

My life should reflect the lens. The Lord (lens) should be visible in and through my life, in every action. May my life be a camera for all to see through showcasing the Lord, His character, faithfulness and all that He is doing.

So I hope that you’re enjoying your holiday season and that you are resting well. Don’t forget that no matter where you are with the Lord He wants you, He wants to spend time with you and go deeper with you. You are worth it to him! And here are some of the  photos that I’ve taken recently:



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