Hey friend,

I’ve been going through a slightly rough patch lately, in feeling joy and being content. I honestly have not been feeling them. So I was scrolling on Instagram and someone said that the devil is not creative. He fights us with the same things every time and still we fall for them. It’s evident in how christian bands have songs with the same message over and over again. That is so, so true! The devil will try and trip you around the same corn r every time and the sad part is that the e, we’ll I definitely know I trip and fall every time.

I just wanted to encourage you if you’re going through a battle of any sorts to lean into God. Give it ALL to God and let Him fight for you. Choose joy and contentment. Literally speak it over your life and choose to do things that bring you joy and contentment. Words are so powerful! You have a choice and life is too short not to live it content.

Also I wanted to say just rely on God. I know I said that earlier but it is so true. In this season I’m in I have to rely on God daily for strength, help and honestly just about everything. There is such a beauty in knowing just how much you need God. I definitely know that without Him my life would be a mess. Even with Him my life is a mess from all the times I tried to do things my way but He’s taking that mess and making it beautiful, in His time.

Also just a random quote to take with you today:

“Cling to joy: audacious and unbridled joy, that looks for joy in everything, even in your waiting” -Morgan Harper Nichols✨🌻

You can catch me on Instagram: @its_zoe_licious @theprojectlumiere

Have a good day friend!


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