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Music is such a powerful tool. The lyrics can feed you garbage or encourage you. They can comfort you, make you feel amped or even calm you down. There are some super powerful songs that will definitely change you. I was initially going to post the song lyrics of one song definitely but this way you get more songs. There’s so many more songs that I wanted to add to the list but I had to cut them out. Anyway let’s dive right in:

1. Daughter by Sleeping At Last

I have cried multiple times listening to this song, I absolutely love it! The lyrics are so moving and something that I will teach my future children, especially my future daughter (if I have one). The lyrics are also something that you definitely need to hear today.

Sleeping at last is a super cool artist and he’s made music for Grey’s Anatomy, my favourite tv series. Here’s an excerpt from the song:

“If only you knew

The sunlight shines a little brighter

The weight of the world’s a little lighter

The stars lean in a little closer

All because of you

I want to see

You lift your chin a little higher

Open your eyes a little wider

Speak your mind a little louder

’cause you are royalty.”

2. God only knows by of king and country

I only recently got into of King and country, and only truly listened to this song and fully comprehended it like two weeks ago but it’s still impactful. The song is especially for you if you’ve ever felt or are feeling unheard, scared, ashamed, lost or as if no one sees you.

Ironically I just got back into Moriah Peter’s album: Brave and her husband is part of of King and country. Here’s some of the lyrics:

“You keep a cover over every single secret

So afraid if someone saw them they would leave

But somebody, somebody, somebody sees you

Somebody, somebody will never leave you

God only knows what you’ve been through

God only knows what they say about you

God only knows how it’s killing you

But there’s a kind of live that God only knows”

3. Glorious Day by Passion

The words that you speak over your life are so powerful and this song is testament to that. It speaks about freedom and this so something big in my life that I’ll share a bit more about in my testimony but being able to sing the lyrics and being truly free and having full freedom is such an amazing and surreal thing.

I actually first heard this song at church, which is where I literally hear so many good songs from. The main verse goes:

“You called my name

And I ran out of that grave,

Out of the darkness into Your glorious day!”

4. Brave by Moriah Peters

I mentioned how I recently got back into her music and this is the album that did this for me. I’m listing both her whole album and the song in the album called Brave for this point, that’s how powerful it is! Born to be free is another really powerful song part of the album and it has a similar message to Glorious Day (point number 3).

5. Hey Ya! by OutKast

This song is the song that gets me “hyped” the most and it is literally my go to party song. You probably have heard the line:

“Shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture”

This song is super different and old but definitely one of my absolute favorites.

6. Spirit lead me by Influence Music and Michael Ketter

This is another song that I first heard at church. It is so convicting and definitely has the power to bring you to tears. One of the pets that get me the most is:

“If you say it’s wrong then I’ll say no

If you say release I’m letting go

If you’re in it with me I’ll begin

And when you say to jump I’m diving in.

If you say be still then I will wait

If you say to trust I will obey

I don’t want to follow my own ways

I’m done chasing feelings

Spirit lead me.”

Other songs that are really, really good but didn’t make the list are Son by Sleeping at Last, Raise a Hallelujah by Bethel Music, Life by Sleeping at Last (in fact the entire Atlas: Life -EP), Where does the good go by Tegan and Sara (from Grey’s Anatomy as well), Ms Jackson by OutKast, Stand in your love by Josh Baldwin and Bethel Music, Same Heart Same Parts by Matthew Mole, Down South by Jeremy Loops and Every Beat by North Point Inside Out.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It’s a little different from what I usually post, and my taste in music is all over the place but I thought it would be a fun idea to share some songs that have truly changed me. Have a good week!


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