Hey friend,

So I decided to share my testimony and I will be going into much more detail on my podcast. Part 1 will come out THIS MONDAY and then part 2 on 8 JULY, but I did want to share it here before the episodes come out. This is going to be one of the most vulnerable blog posts I’ve done, especially part 2 but I know that I have to share this.

So I was born in a town called Mutare in Zimbabwe in 2001 and I truly don’t remember much of my early childhood. My earliest memory is when I was in preschool and at that time we were living in Harare, Zimbabwe. After that I started going to a really, small Jewish school from grade 1 to grade 3. Each grade had one class and it was a primary school. At the end of grade 3 my dad got relocated to South Africa for his job and so we had to move to South Africa.

And since I moved countries I of course had to move schools, so I started grade four at a really good private school here in Joburg. In the first few months of being here we moved houses probably three or four times before my parents found a house they wanted to buy. So we lived in this house for a while but in grade six my dad lost his job and so we had to move houses but we also had to move schools. We moved to a public school and I remember how it was such a shock to my system. My little brother was in grade two when we moved schools but after that he was able to stay at the public school until the end of primary school and then go to high school, where he is now. After primary school I went to a private boarding school, which was good and I loved the sisterhood that I formed there. Unfortunately a year and a bit into it (around Easter of grade nine) I had to leave because my parents couldn’t keep up with the school fees. From there I went to a homeschool just down the road from us; we had moved back into that house that my parents had bought. Then I got into a public high school which is where I went to school from August of grade nine until the end of matric (grade 12).

I truly loved going to this high school and so many things came as a result of going there. I found a solid friendship group which I had never had. I was part of an amazing christian club and got to be on the committee for that. I also joined First Aid which I absolutely loved and was the captain in matric, but the most important thing that came from going to that high school happened a few weeks in. I had always grown up in a Christian home and we went to church but I had become a “passive Christian” and I didn’t truly have a relationship with God.

A few weeks into being at the school one of my now best friends invited me to volunteer with her on a Friday night at her church. From that I found a church community and a place where I was excited to serve Christ and go to church on a Sunday. From that the rest of my family started attending this church as well. I truly discovered who Christ was and walked through and was set free from some sin, which I’ll talk about in the next blogpost. One person’s act of obedience led to another person’s true relationship with Christ.

There’s this quote by Victoria Erickson that reflects my story:

“Your story isn’t calm. The road has been chaotic at times, filled with detours and rain and loss so sudden, and soon. Sometimes the bliss was so elevated your heart could hardly hold it. Sometimes it was so maddening to have, and then to lose it. You learn soon enough that it hardly ever goes as planned- gently, easy and smooth. But that my friend, is what makes you fascinating. You have something to tell. Something you walked through. Something valid. Something courageous. Something true. You’re made of stories within stories within even more stories. Those quiet depths of you.” – Victoria Erickson

My story is unique to me and there were some hard parts, but if all this hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing this blogpost and having the relationship that I have with the Lord today. I started this blog randomly when I was in between schools just before going to the public high school that changed me. The podcast came out of not being content last year. So much good has come from these hard seasons. God has used all these things to bring glory to Him. I know that this is not the worst story out there and there’ll always be a sadder, harder, more difficult story out there but this is my story. Regardless of how your testimony looks God can use it for His glory and bring such beauty out of it. Your story is unique friend and the world needs to hear it!💛


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