Hey friend,

Lately God has been shifting something inside of me and I don’t know what it is or how I will look like afterwards. I’ve always been someone who notices the beauty of the trees swaying and growing, the flowers blooming, just all the beauty around me but lately it’s been as if my eyes have been open extra wide. There is so much beauty around us in so many different forms and lately I’ve been so cognizant of this. I want to be so filled and amazed by the beauty around me that I literally feel like bursting with joy.

I wrote this in the notes section of my phone and pinned it to the top of all the notes over two years ago on the 23rd of May 2017 and it’s still true today. The note says: “Find the beauty in the normal, the extraordinary in the ordinary. God is an artist and he handcrafted every single detail on your body and this earth. Every bush, wildflower, tree and waterfall. He handcrafted every detail on your face and body. You might feel ordinary but you are extraordinary. You are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Friend there is so much beauty in the love of a father tending to his little daughter and the sweet voice of a child telling their mom about something that amazes them. The wonder of a person seeing something for the very first time and the swirl of colours on the horizon at sunset. The gentle blooming of a precious flower and the violent thundering during a thunderstorm. The joy of seeing someone doing what they were created to do and the peaceful contentness that comes after good conversation with even better people. The things that set your soul on fire and those that break your heart every time. A yellow old school beetle, a well decorated house, the lurching of your stomach as the aeroplane folds it’s wheels inwards and soars into the clouds. A fresh idea that gets you excited and warm delicious food that satisfies the craving you didn’t know you had. Barring your heart to the Lord and giving your absolute all during a worship sessions. The smell of the earth after rain and the smell freshly brewed coffee. The carefreeness of an adventurous soul and the warm comfort of a loving soul. That moment of freedom and the moment when you can’t breathe and your abs hurt from laughing so hard. That feeling of peace after tears have ravaged your eyes and the high after giving your all during exercise. Closing the final page of beautifully frustrating book and the feeling of pride after finishing an artwork. Breaking the barrier of shallow conversation for the first time and a clean space. Getting a new plant and watching as it grows. The quietness of the bush and the calmness of the sea. The memories that come from camping and the gentle beauty of a fully blossomed sunflower field.

Life is so freaking beautiful and it’s our job to appreciate if and not let it pass us by.

“I mean what if you knew that you are God’s poetry. You were created, because someone else was creative. See, long ago He picked up His eternal paint brush, dipped in His glory, placed you in His story and said, they will live for me.” -Jefferson Bethke


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