Hey friend,

In seasons of uncertainty where you literally don’t know how your life is going to go on from there, there is such an opportunity for God to move because you’re literally fully trusting Him. I’m in a season right now where I literally don’t know how my future is going to look, I just know that I have such amazing community around me and that God’s got me. When your earthly eyes can’t see what the future looks like you have to rely on God’s heavenly eyes that see it all to guide you, and the process of not only learning to trust God but living in the faith that He’s got you is such a frustratingly beautiful process. Learning to listen to God and how He talks to me and going deeper in communication with Him is hard, especially for someone like me who likes to plan the future and have everything certain but God is still good, even in the waiting. In preparing season (not the waiting because I’m so tired of calling certain seasons “the waiting seasons”) there is growth to be found and depth comes right alongside growth. There is a being content that comes from the Lord alone but that changes everything to be found there. There is community and deep friendships you never thought possible to be found there. There is vulnerability and relatability to be found there, but above all a more intimate relationship with God is found there.

When I would read blogs or Instagram posts before and they were talking about falling in love with Jesus in the waiting (or as I’m now going to call it the preparing) I would get SO frustrated. I would think to myself that yes I want to fall in love with Jesus and go deeper with Him but I also want to be in a relationship. Yes, I want to go deeper with Jesus but can’t I go deeper with Jesus and have a man at the same time? Now as much as I don’t want to say this because I hated it when people would say this I’ll say it anyway: there is such opportunity to grow deeper with God in the preparing (waiting). The question isn’t where is God in the waiting because He is right there beside you, feeling every high and low with you, but rather the question should be: How does God work in the waiting? In fact the question should be: How does God work in the preparing?

Friend, it has not been easy to get to this point. Certain prayers that I prayed long ago are only being answered now but the beauty is that even God’s no or just wait a little bit is laced with such goodness and pure love for us. Literally these past few weeks have been kind of like a dream because God has been showing me tiny little specks of His heart that have been blowing my mind, He’s been taking me to that deeper place. I have to say though that it has in no way been easy, leading up to this season or now in the middle of it. I can honestly say though, standing here in the midst of complete uncertainty that all the hard stuff had been so worth it. I’m not going to say I understand God or know what He’s doing but His ways are so much better than mine.

For the one who is in the waiting I want to encourage you because I’m standing right here with you. The waiting is hard and messy but there is beauty found here. There is a depth that is to be found and it is so beautifully sweet. “Marriage isn’t the goal. Jesus is the goal.” – Tiffany Rogers. I’m not saying I have it all figured out or that I’m perfect at this because I fall back into the waiting and discontent mentality so often (thank you God for grace upon grace). If you are in the waiting, firstly stop calling it the waiting and call it the preparing. You are not a half who will be completed by another half when the time is right. You are a living, breathing whole that can serve Jesus whole-freaking-heartedly exactly where you are. You are a whole that will partner alongside another whole to become one and serve God better together than apart. I know the maths doesn’t make sense to us, but that’s God’s way of doing things. I’m going to have to remind myself of this so often. Don’t waste the preparing, friend, but also give yourself grace if you mess up because you’re human. Secondly live where God has you now. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so you have to ask yourself: Is How I’m living now how I want to be remembered? Is how I’m living my life reflecting Jesus? A friend gave me this quote and it is so, so powerful:

How am I representing Jesus?

1.Do I push people towards Jesus? OR

2.Do I push people away from Jesus?

I am standing right here alongside you and telling you it can be done. People always talk about falling in love with Jesus but they talk about it once they’re in a relationship. I’m standing right here alongside you, in the preparing season saying that it can be done. GOD HEARS YOUR PRAYERS, which is something that He has been teaching me lately. God hears EVERY SINGLE prayer, friend, and He knows your heart. He knows better than anyone the deepest desires of your heart and intentionally hurting you is not in His nature. Even His no or just wait a little bit is not only laced but covered in goodness and love. I don’t think I’ve ever been this frank on here but this is something I wish I had heard and I know someone else needs to hear it too.

God hears your prayers, He’s in the waiting right alongside you. There is an opportunity to go to a sweet place with God when it’s just you and Him. There is an opportunity to go so much deeper with God when you are surrounded by uncertainty. You have an opportunity to serve God so whole- freaking-heartedly when you are single, exactly where you are so do it! Give your all to God and let Him do the rest.



  1. Hi dear,

    Thanks for writing this. Yes, no doubt that I needed to hear all these from you..

    I’m currently in the same situation as you and been trying to tell myself that God is preparing my heart and to bless me with my hearts desire at the right time. In this period of waiting, I don’t deny that God has answered my prayers in bits and pieces which makes me hopeful about the outcome again but I’m thrown back into hopelessness again when the situation becomes stagnant.

    I know and feel that God wants me to wait but I can’t help to feel hopelessness somewhat.

    Once again, thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts out here. Trust me I understand and could relate to every word you shared here.

    God bless

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    1. Lady,

      I am right alongside you. God holds your heart so dear to His and He knows your deepest desires. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m glad that you could we could relate. It’s so encouraging to me that as hard as this season sometimes is you’re still showing up and being faithful, God sees that. I’ll be trusting and hoping with you lady💛


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