Hey friend,

I know that I talk a lot about what God is doing in my life and what He’s teaching me on here but He truly has been teaching me a lot, or maybe I’ve just been more cognizant and aware of His work in my life. God speaks in so many ways and that is one of the most beautiful things ever. Here’s what God has been teaching me:

There is no place for jealousy in true community. I’ve said this before but this is something that God has really been challenging me with lately. In true Jesus reflecting community, a win for one person is a win for everyone. Someone’s opportunity or like of something does not reduce your opportunities or your like of whatever it is any less valid. There are infinite opportunities and places to sit at the table. If I want to reflect Jesus, then I have to reflect how He always celebrated whenever anyone around Him had a win. Along with this comparison and jealousy are the best friends you don’t want to entertain!

Guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. It’s funny how so many people focus on the first part of this verse yet neglect the second, dare I say most important part of this verse. You have to guard your heart because everything you do, whether bad or good, flows as a result of it. If you’re giving your heart away to anyone who pays it attention, whether they know it or not, brokenness and hurt will flow from it and the fruit of it will not be as good as it can be.

God hears every single one of our prayers and has an answer for them. I was telling this to my kids’ church kids and I was reminded of the importance of what I was saying. God hears every single one of my prayers and answers them, although the answer may not be what I want to hear. He can answer with a yes, no, wait a little bit or with silence. Like I said in the last blog post even His no or wait a little bit is drenched in love. With this, if His answer is wait a little bit or silence we can keep praying. We have to be persistent in prayer and sometimes only years later will we get our yes, but remember God sees our entire life whereas we only see a tiny snippet.

God answers prayer! I know I just said that God sometimes says no or wait a little bit to the things we want, but He also says yes to certain things and we have to celebrate that! God has been answering a big prayer that I prayed years ago that I thought He had already answered but He’s also been answering little prayers I prayed a few weeks ago. God is faithful friend, and He certainly does answer prayer.

I hope this encourages you! 💛 God is our loving Father who doesn’t leave us or forsake us and the cool thing is if you don’t hear Him speak you can ask Him to speak to you more. I challenge you to see the beauty this week and to comment below how God has been speaking to you and what He’s been saying!


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