Hey friend,

With Christianity it’s so easy to act as if everything is okay, or that you’re not struggling. I mean you’ll look around and it seems like the people around you have everything together. Or maybe you’ve been in the same place for years, and it seems like all your friends are doing super cool things and their lives are going forward while yours is seemingly at the same place. Maybe you’ve been struggling with the same thing over and over again, or you just feel SO many emotions all the time.

It’s okay to be frustrated. All these things literally describe how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve kind of been feeling like people around me have been doing all these super cool things, and God has been working in amazing ways in their lives. When you have amazing God experiences and then He becomes a little more quiet, it’s kind of frustrating and you’re like God please speak to me. I’ve also been struggling with the preparing season. I was at a good place and then I wasn’t, and it’s frustrating because I’m going to God over and over about the same thing.

On Sunday at church we had a worship evening and I was saying all this to God. Telling Him how frustrated, stagnant and just a little discontent I was. And He brought back something that someone had said. How God doesn’t want us to do all these good things for Him but rather He wants to do things with us. I also just felt to be still and wait, going back to the word I felt earlier this year. That’s kind of frustrating though, when you’ve been waiting and God’s response is to wait some more. I was also reminded how much has taken place in my life. It’s so easy to look at your life and see that the big things are still the same, but the little things matter too. Yes, I’m still single, I still haven’t gotten my license, I’m still serving in the same place but lots of tiny things have happened in between.

I never want anyone to look at me and think I have it all together, because I struggle with things just like anyone. Yes this waiting/ preparing season has been fulfilling, and I’m more content at times than I’ve ever been, but it’s also been hard and frustrating. The beauty about God is that even when you don’t feel like you’re hearing from Him, He still reminds you that He is there. Even when you’re deep in your feelings, He is right there alongside you. Even when you feel frustrated, He is still your source of peace and a being content that changes everything. It’s okay to be frustrated, friend, but this is when you need to press into God even more.


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