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April was a really chilled month for me, majority of it was spent on holiday. Now I’m fully rested and ready to give May my all. I tend to set a lot of goals and then at the end of the month I haven’t really achieved anything. My goals for May are pretty simple and I only have 6, so here they are:

Continue spending more time with God

I started intentionally spending more time with God last month and I’ve started to see a slight difference in my days. This is especially evident when I don’t spend time with Him and my days turn out not too great. Another way I want to spend more time with God is to include Him throughout my day and to start a gratitude journal, thanking Him for all He’s doing in my life.

Be a friend

I started reading Jesus Is ______ by Judah Smith and the first chapter was about how Jesus is your friend but also how we should be a friend to others. This month I really want to invest in my current friends but also be a friend to the friendless. To listen more than I judge and love more than ever.

Stay on top of my work

My exams are coming up in six weeks and this term I really need to stay on top of my work otherwise I’ll fall behind. So my aim is to study hard and stay organized, but also rest when need be. Thus staying on top of my work.

Eat healthy

I noticed that there a couple foods that don’t make me feel too great after eating them and I really want to fix this. So I want to start eat healthier food and food that makes me ‘feel good’ and gives me long lasting energy.

Work hard

I want to work hard in everything I do. To give my absolute 120% and nothing less.

Connect with at least one blogger and one reader

If you would like to collab with me or even just share something great that happened today with me you are always welcome. You can contact me here or on any of my social media. I would love to get to know you!

What are your goals for May?




Everyone has days where they feel down or a little under the weather, I know I certainly have these. I find that the best thing to do is to just take it slow and unwind. So here are ten pick me ups:

  • Read a book you’ve been wanting to read
  • Put on a face mask
  • Turn up the music and have a dance party
  • Go out for coffee with a friend
  • Cry it all out…or watch a sad movie and cry it all out
  • Watch your favourite movie
  • Take a nap
  • Get creative and make some art or start a new DIY project
  • Have a worship session
  • Write in your journal

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You are important and it’s OK to say no to going out and spend some time with yourself because you matter.

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” -Eleanor Browan

So for the rest of the week I challenge you to take care of yourself and rest when need be. To allow yourself to have a bad day or be a mess. And then I challenge you to do a pick me up, it doesn’t have to be something from this list but do it and allow yourself to feel great about it because you are worth it!

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Even though we’re almost halfway through April I thought I’d still put up my April goals. Lately I’ve been noticing that my monthly goals are more wishes than actual goals. It’s become a habit ans I’m not putting in enough effort to achieve them. So this month there’s a smaller list of goals but ones I intend on achieving.

Spend more time with God

Getting closer to God is always on the top of my goal list and there’s always more of God to explore. But having the goal “Get closer to God” is kind of vague. So this month my goal is to just spend more time with God whether that be praying, worshipping, exploring or studying the Bible. I believe that the more time spent with God, or anything for that matter, the more you begin to reflect it and I want to reflect more of God.


It’s so easy to compare your ‘behind the scenes’ life with everyone else’s lives that are portrayed on social media and I know I’m falling into this trap a lot more. I want to spend less time on social media and more time reading, being present and enjoying my life.

Work hard

To be honest I haven’t been giving my all in my school work and just life in general. I’ve kind of been lazing around. Even though I’m only at school for seven days this month I want to give it my all. Just everything I do I want to give my best in it.

Explore more

I know that I won’t be traveling to any other countries but I want to start doing a little more exploring in Johannesburg, where I live now. Finding new places to explore and new people to interact with and capturing all this on camera and sharing it with you guys.

Connect with other bloggers and blog readers

I love learning about other people and their stories because everyone has a  story to tell. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing a lot of that lately but I want to start. I want to start connecting with other bloggers and actually setting aside time for this. I’d also like to connect more with the people who read this blog.

So if you would like connect with me, share your story or even something amazing that happened today you can do that here. I really would love to connect with you!

What are your April goals?




These last couple of weeks have been quite busy for me and I haven’t really taken time to look back and appreciate all the good things that have happened so far. So I thought I would post my 7 happy things for the past week or two.

A fun night of line dancing

Last Friday my church had a barn dance and it was tons of . I got to serve the Lord, dress up and even did a bit (okay maybe a lot) of line dancing.

The people around me

Lately I’ve been learning about the importance of living in community and sharing your wins, loses, laughter and tears with the precious people God has put in our lives.

Just living

Last week I made a radical decision to just live. To be who I am and love fiercely, laugh as much as I can and not be concerned about what people think of me. This has made a huge difference in my days.


Tomorrow I’m going on a school camp over the long weekend. Even though it hasn’t happened yet I have been super excited and keen to see what it holds for me.

A good book

I just finished reading Life is a gold mine. Can you dig it ? by John Stanko and it has been one of the best nooks I’ve read so far. It’s so full of wisdom, knowledge and important life principles.


There isn’t much to say about this one… YouTube is just full of funny, entertaining, insightful, encouraging videos.

Every person who reads this blog

It amazes me how many people read this blog and all the different places they come from. You guys are one of the reasons I keep on blogging. So thank you!

What are your 7 happy things?



February has been such a busy month for me and it’s crazy to think about where the time has gone.

To be real I feel like I set so many goals for myself but I didn’t really achieve any of them properly, I was more focused on just getting through every day rather than doing things well. My main goal this month is to rest when need be but equally give 100% to everything I do, to truly live and not just get by.

So here are my March goals:

  • Fully rely on God’s strength and sustenance
  • Give my 100% in everything I do
  • Take a social media fast for the whole month (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest)
  • Go to the movies with my friend Amber
  • Have coffee with my other friend Micaela
  • Post every week on the blog
  • Start my 10 minute morning workouts again
  • Finalise my goals and words of the year

What are your March goals?


7 happy-things

I find that focusing on the positives of a week really does help when you are having an off week and last week was one of those weeks. So instead of focusing on the negatives I’m doing exactly that andfocusing on the positives. Here are my 7 happy things:

All the rain

I absolutely love rainy, overcast weather and that’s the weather we’ve been having. There’s just something so fresh and calming about the rain and its smell.

Doing something that was out of my comfort zone

Yesterday I did something out of my comfort zone, something I normally wouldn’t do and it really was worth it. It was one of the most scary yet exhilarating things I’ve done so far.

I volunteered to work at the coffee shop at my church and it didn’t go the way it I thought it would to go (that’s a story for another day). But in the end I had an absolutely amazing time. I learned that it’s okay to mess up and there are always people to help you.

A group of amazing friends

I am so blessed to have a solid friendship group full of girls that are absolutely beautiful. Friends have one of the biggest impacts on you and by surrounding yourself with good friends that build you up it really has a good effect on you.

A special meeting

I had a meeting with the person I’m doing life with and it was pretty special. Just as with having good friends it is also important to have Godly counsel in your life. Someone who can help you, listen to you but also put you straight when you’re in the wrong.

A good dinner

I’m a big fan of good food and we had a really good dinner the other day. It wasn’t fancy or expensive it was just good food eaten with some good people.

Taking things slow

I have been so busy recently that I haven’t had time for myself, time to take things slow. I decided to take a break today and just recuperate and enjoy my own presence and it’s been absolutely beautiful. It really has helped to calm me and I feel recuperated and ready to face the rest of the week.

Did I mention all the rain

What are your 7 happy things?

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I believe that setting goals is very important. It gives you a sense of direction and the feeling of achieving them is amazing! Setting goals also helps you evaluate your life and it gives you something to look forward to. So here are my personal goals for 2017:

Get closer to God

When people look at me I want them to see that I’m a Christian not because of the things I do, or what I say but because of the way I live and who i am. Last year I got closer to God and it was amazing but this year I would like to get even closer to Him and experience more of Him.

Appreciate the body that God has given me

At first this goal was get fitter but I realized that I wanted to be fitter in order to lose weight. I should be content and appreciate the body that God has given me because I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I should exercise not because I want to lose weight but because I want to take care of my body.

Be more intentional in building my relationships

One of my words for 2017 is be intentional. This year I really want to grow my relationships with the people around me. I want to put in 110% and cultivate these relationships.

Live in the moment

It is so easy for me to compare my life to others’ lives on social media, to focus on the mistakes I’ve made in the past or to worry about the future. The thing is life is short and every moment is a blessing. 

Start my hand lettering project

Hand lettering is something that I really like doing and I would like to launch a hand lettering Etsie shop. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m excited to see where this takes me.

Connect more with my blog readers

It’s amazing to know that people from all over the world read this blog and I would really like to connect it’s you guys and get to know more about you.

Have more me time

I think it is very important to just spend some time in your own company. It’s a great way to rest and just refuel. I dint do a lot of this last year and it definitely made a difference.

Get academic full colors

Become a counselor and the first aid captain (at school)

Go on a camping trip

I really enjoy being outdoors and camping but I haven’t been camping in some time so I would like to go camping. It’s also a great holiday idea and a great way to bond.

Be real, authentic and transparent

I have come to realize that people who are real, authentic and transparent are some of the best people to be around. They are relatable, honest and vulnerable and I want to be like that.

Step out of my comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone is intimidating but definitely worth it. The thing is your comfort zone is a great place but nothing ever grows there. This year I would really like to step out of my comfort zone more because that is when I’ll be challenged and will grow.

I don’t believe that I’ll change overnight or that I’ll just suddenly achieve my goals. I know that I’ll have to work on them and take many small steps. It won’t be easy but I know that what will come as a result will definitely be worth it. 

What are your goals for 2017?



Hello lovelies!

I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the holiday season! I apologise for how quite it’s been lately I’ve just been allowing myself to rest a little. This is the second part of embracing the season but in case you missed it here’s the first part:Embracing the season.

Spring is definitely my favourite season, partially because I’m a September baby but also because it is such a beautiful season. Winter is over and so the weather is slightly warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom and the sun starts to rise earlier and set later. It is definitely a great season to embrace and what a better way to do this than changing up your space. It will definitely cheer you up after winter and get you ready for summer. So here are my tips on embracing the season:

  • Change the colour palette
  • Add lots of white and a few (or many) pops of bright colour
  • Add some light- whether it’s adding some fairy lights or changing to lighter curtains it definitely makes the space feel brighter and lighter.
  • Add some cute Spring DIYs
  • Add lots of flowers in cute vases
  • Change the bedding
  • Add a cute rug, throw pillow or light throw blanket
  • Add a print or quuote
  • Don’t forget to keep it authentic and personal

Spring decor ideas

What is your favourite season of the year?

If you’re not following me on Pinterest, you definitely should! As you go into your week I hope that you would fully embrace this Christmas season and with all the chaos I hope that you will not lose sight of what is truly important and the true meaning of Christmas!


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Hello lovelies!

Seasons changing is one of the most beautiful things. Whether it is flowers blooming or leaves turning that beautiful, warm orange. It’s essential to embrace the season and one of my favourite ways to do this is to change my space. A great way to do this during autumn is to cozy up your space.

As it gets colder in autumn the best thing to do is to warm up a space. I believe that it’s the small things that can make or break a space. So when it’s time to change my space as I embrace the season I focus on the little things.  This means changing the colour palette, making DIYs or adding a cozy throw pillow. So here are my top tips on how to embrace the season:

  • Choose an appropriate colour palette
  • Add more blankets
  • Change the cushions
  • Add prints or quotes onto the wall
  • Add candles or a scent that remind you of autumn
  • Make autumn themed DIYs with plenty of pinecorns, acorns and orange leaves.
  • Don’t forget to add your personal touch


What is your favourite season of the year?

I worked with Douglas Elliman Real Estate in this post. If you would like to take your decor inspiration to the next level then they are perfect for you!

Don’t forget that it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are -EE Cummings. Have a lovely week!


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Hey lovelies!

It is so easy to get caught up with how busy life is and how awful it can be. That is why I think it’s very important to do little things that help you see the good in life and help you truly appreciate the world we live in. All you have to do is just stop and take a moment. A moment to watch the sunset, laugh at little children’s behaviour or even watch how the rain falls. So here are a couple of things that I have realized I need to do more often:

Spend some time outside

I recently had my morning devotion outside. I took everything and sat on the grass in our back garden and it is absolutely beautiful. There’s something about being outside that gives you space to breathe and just think.

Watch the rain

Rain is beautiful and just taking a couple minutes from your day to watch the rain is very relaxing. Like being outside there is something special about rain.

Watch something funny

Like EE Cummings said, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

Marvel at nature’s beauty

Nature is one of my favourite places to be. It honestly is amazing to see how well each colour works with the other and how perfect everything is without human intervention. How beautiful the flowers and the birds are, how well they work together and how content every one of them is.

As you’ve seen I absolutely adore nature and there’s actually a word that I’ve found to describe this:

Aesthete (adj.) – someone with a deep sensitivity to the beauty of art or nature

Have a lovely week! Don’t forget that your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds. You can chose to grow flowers or weeds.


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